First of all: there is no ATM on the festival site and we do not accept mobile/electronic payments! Make sure to bring enough cash.
In case you forgot, you can find the closest ATM at this adress:
BNP-Paribas Orsmaal
Sint-Truidensesteenweg 171, 3350 Linter
(10′ walk from festival)

At the festival we provide regular, vegetarian, vegan food and breakfast on Saturday. Catering is done by professional and local people.
All food stands are cash only. For Saturday breakfast however, you do need to buy a voucher on Friday at the main food stand.

As for drinks we strongly recommend our Thirst Aid where you’ll find non-alcoholic (Coke, diet Coke, lemonade, water, coffee and tea) and alcoholic (beer, a fine selection of local special beers, red and white wine) beverages.
All booze is paid for with drinking tickets. Get them at the box office at the entrance.
Please leave your outside drinks at the campsite. You can bring in a flask to spike your soda. No glass allowed at the festival site!